Remote transition from office to home (or remote office) has evolved rapidly over the last year. According to Buffer research, almost 98% of people surveyed shared that they would prefer to work remotely, at least part of the time, over the remainder of their career. And if employers are going to keep employees, they will need to focus on fitting a new demand to prevent losing those they do manage to entice into the fold.

Managed print services are a go-to way of ensuring workers are comfortable working away from the office while companies continue to run as usual with no imminent challenges. They provide efficiency, and productivity, and are able to provide information security while managing the organization’s printing needs. 

Print Services Can Consolidate Costs and Improve Security.

how to secure remote printersRegular consumer printers can expose businesses to the potential risks of cybercrime. Unsecured ports and consumer wi-fi connections can offer criminals tempting backroads into a company’s servers. Even less nefarious hackers can pull potentially sensitive data from the average printer’s hard drive. Managed print services providers have the expertise and technology to identify the printer security threats a company faces – and implement measures to mitigate those risks efficiently and effectively.

Some of the options print service providers recommend include printer password logins or scheduled hard drive wiping. But the best option is to ensure each remote workspace is using a networked printer for all of their business-related printing needs. When properly monitored and serviced, these networked machines will provide a wealth of additional security to prevent threats

But it’s not only security that benefits from partnering with a managed print services provider. Most of these expert office printer businesses can help consolidate the expenses of hardware and maintenance, as well. By bundling the entirety of printing services into a single monthly payment, the worry of upfront capital expenditures is eliminated. And, rather than being concerned about ongoing service and maintenance fees, many of these printing partners include typical maintenance and parts in their monthly plans. The result is an easy-to-predict monthly cost.

Managed Print Services Can Help With Employee Retention

According to research by Marketplace,org  organizations are facing difficulties hiring (and keeping) workers. Many workers quit their jobs because of low pay. And it is hard to replace them. Employers can help address this problem by giving workers quality standard working environments and other possible benefits that would streamline work communications. 

Multi-functional managed print services are part of providing employee comfort by providing fast, efficient, modern equipment for printing, scanning, and other selected printer functions. But it goes beyond what the hardware itself can provide. Managed print services partners also offer easy-to-access customer service, troubleshooting, and service to remote workers – without the need to wait on or trouble their companies already busy IT department.

Managed Print Services Know how to Handle More Locations

Many business offices would rely on the IT department to manage on-site printers for the company. Allowing staff to address minor fixes and updates could, in some instances, save time and money. The same is not true in the new remote work environment.

Managed print services have experience and expertise in providing service to multiple offices within a specific area. And, in addition to their capabilities of maintenance to more than one location, many of these businesses load specialized performance monitoring software configurations onto each of the machines for which they are responsible. This software provides insights into individual machine usage and errors that allow the print service provider to keep printers running better through increased response times and faster analysis when things go wrong.

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Businesses who work with an expert printer services business can save on time and money while reducing employee frustrations (both in-house and remote). The result is an increase in the business productivity without the need for accountants or anyone else to gain experience in IT and troubleshooting. And, with built-in security measures, partnering businesses can relieve the stress of many printer-related threats. For business working to fit the needs of employees in this rapidly changing office environment, managed print services are a fast and effective way to tackle business needs.