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PowerMPS delivers powerful and innovative solutions that are specifically designed for the Office Technology and Equipment Channels. Our Cloud ERP, e-commerce, and DCA product offering deliver integrated solutions that uniquely solve the challenges that your business is facing today and into the future.

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PowerMPS Solutions Focus On
3 Key Areas

While industry participants push to grow revenue, move into adjacent markets, and digitally transform their- and their clients’ businesses, they find themselves hitting a technological wall, as the existing channel solution fails on all key criteria.

  • Disparate System
  • No Innovation
  • Closed Architecture – No Customization
  • Very Poor Customer Care
  • Additional Support Costs
  • Requires Too Many External Applications = Increased Costs & Decreased Efficiency

PowerMPS solutions deliver flexibility, efficiency, and continuity of operations to growing Small Business, Mid-Market, and Enterprise organizations.


Solutions That Deliver

Better Technology

Easy To Use

Customer Support

Time Savings

Data Control

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DXone Enterprise ERP

E-commerce Solution for Office Equipment Dealer Channel


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Printer DCA - Data Collection Agent

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DXone ERP Function Diagram

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