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The PowerMPS Patented Printer DCA 

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Efficient Elegance

PowerMPS delivers all of the tools and applications required to execute MPS operations effectively and efficiently while combining it with automation and Intelligence to make a one-of-a-kind MPS software solution. Our DCA technology is a state-of-the-art data collection agent that delivers the perfect balance of functionality and usability.

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Predictive AI Learning Algorithms 

The PowerMPS DCA technology was developed with Ai and Algorithms for device habit and predictive learning capabilities, fully integrated with our Order Management system to automate DCA-triggered consumable and service alerts without any manual interaction.

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PowerMPS DCA security

// MPS DCA Network Security

Our Technology Keeps Your Network Safe And Secure

PowerMPS DCA has been carefully designed to meet ALL regulations in terms of network security and data confidentiality. Working in a different way would be considered “invasive” by some market experts, and consequently, some organizations, corporations, or government agencies with strict guidelines (HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA, ENISA, etc.) would block your installation. By default, the PowerMPS DCA has two main behaviors depending on if you execute the DCA with Graphical Interface (GUI) or without Graphical Interface. The Graphical Interface runs extremely fast, with very short timeout to response form printers, and non-GUI (which is scheduled as a task with silent.vbs) runs very slow, with a large timeout, and is almost undetectable for network traffic analysis.

Once the PowerMPS DCA is up and running, you can be assured that there will be no further issues from your end user customers running the DCA and that the collection of printer data will flow smoothly and consistently with minimal to no additional intervention, and dual layers or alert if a device falls of a network or is having any sort of communication issue.

DCA Security:

PowerMPS DCA meets the highest standards of safety and security and most international regulations.

  • Strict Security Compliance: FISMA, GDPR, HIPPA, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant, ENISA, etc.
  • No Need to open extra ports, Unidirectional Communication.
    – Communications to the outside are unidirectional and only through the standard HTTPS service, port 443/TCP.
    – Communications with printers are read-only via SNMP v1, 2,3, port 161/UDP.
  • No Confidential Information is captured (jobs, names, etc.) and the DCA is restricted to capture only the data needed to manage each device.
  • No Need for a Print Server.
  • Supports Layer of encryption with Data Transmitted from the DCA to the DCA Server (which is fully auditable and configurable by the customer).

// DCA Versatility


PowerMPS DCA can receive data from printers in number of ways with the ecosystem of data collectors developed within our intelligent DCA.


  • PowerMPS DCA is a native application for major OS platforms: Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS, RaspberryPi as well as Mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • PowerMPS DCA add-ons: WebjetAdmin, LexmarkFleetTracker, OKISupervision, SafeCom, Pharos, Papercut, NetAdmin, etc.
  • SNMP Traps
  • Multiple Communication Protocols (http/s, smpt) and Authentication (proxy, etc.)
  • Integrations with your own or existing DCA: to facilitate the migration from standard monitoring tools to the PowerMPS DCA.

// DCA Efficiency


PowerMPS DCA is a simple executable with Automatic Configuration


  • No Dependencies on 3rd Party Integrations (databases, frameworks, etc.).
  • SMART Data Capture to Optimize Bandwidth, reduce and prevent waste surrounding Managed Print Services (i.e. measure actual consumable usage, actual coverage, wasted pages, and much more.)
  • Configurable for any size & type of Network, developed to operate in complete respect with any network and its print devices.
  • Unlimited number of DCA’s can be deployed, in a variety of deployment methods: No need for extra licenses and unlimited number of devices per license

// DCA Deployment

We Give Your Data Collection Agent Deployment Options

On Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi, or on a mobile device via Playstore (Android) or App Store (Apple) or on a smart TV

DCA Deployment - Operating System Options

Your client can install the app on their mobile device and you can both monitor all devices remotely. 

Mobile apps for Data Collection Agent Deployment