Office print services are often very hands-on programs. Size of printers and positioning within the office setting are merely two of the essential considerations for efficient printer service. In addition, printer configurations can require on-site surveys, interviews with departmental managers, and information pulled from any current printing equipment. And after installation, maintenance and service also need in-person access.

Despite the very necessary in-person components for office printer services, taking advantage of online sales platforms can move a surprising number of day-to-day processes into the client’s capable hands. And these changes can not only save time and money but build better relationships and provide greater convenience for office print partners. Here are three ways office printer service businesses can benefit from embracing online sales.

Your business can be Available 24/7

Global e-commerce business-to-business (B2B) sales are expected to grow by approximately 17% and reach $1.8 trillion over the next few years. Online sales growth is beginning to play a larger role in how office printer businesses provide goods and services. As a result, many are jumping on the wave of eCommerce to improve business and increase profits.

One of the most significant ways online sales are helping office printer companies is by extending business hours beyond standard brick-and-mortar capabilities. Of course, physical stores must be watched over by actual employees. But online stores can be configured to respond to basic questions, provide standard information, and even take orders for goods and services at any time of day or night. 

So, whether it is new client inquiries or current customers looking to order supplies and services, online sales platforms allow office printer services businesses to give clients access to their schedules. As a result, customers can shop when they need to rather than wait to make a call. 

Making Maintenance and Service Scheduling Easier

Online buying and selling increase convenience not just for buyers but for the sellers too. One way they manage this is by making service and maintenance scheduling easier.

Online service scheduling can allow busy clients, like the growing number of Millennial IT managers, to use their computers or mobile devices to quickly address issues they are having with their office printers. But this online capability does more than make things faster and easier for the customer. Online scheduling also helps alleviate the number of calls routed to the customer service and scheduling desk.

With fewer phone calls, customers will encounter fewer wait times and have less reason to complain about terrible hold music. In addition, service representatives can stress less about lowering wait times and focus on managing more dire service issues as they happen.

As a bonus, scheduling requests made after hours can either be automatically scheduled or addressed first thing as the office opens. In either instance, customers are provided the ability to take action when their needs arise, alleviating stress and providing a better overall experience.

It’s Possible to Measure What Matters

Online sales platforms allow print service providers to measure just about anything. And that data enables companies to streamline their business more than ever before. For example, office print service providers can easily track their clients’ supply usage and order patterns using the latest technologies. This information allows for simpler management of ink, toner, and paper inventories. In addition, it provides accurate data to help negotiate with suppliers in ways that can lower costs and match the demands of their clients.

It is also easier to keep track of preferred service days and times as well as trends for when and how machines break down. This information can help create appropriate staffing for service technicians. It can also aid in determining more in-depth decisions on printer placement and parts ordering, and stocks.

Finally, tracking online ordering helps businesses manage supply availability and address the needs of current clients in a faster and more efficient manner. The information gathered about online activity, sales, and service provides managed print services and other office printing providers the data they need to help them understand client preferences. It also aids in determining general printing trends to help them make educated recommendations for supplies, printing practices, and maintenance scheduling for their clients.

Leveraging Online Sales Systems

Hands-on and in-person will always remain essential to the office print services business. But adding an online sales platform can prove to be an innovative and potentially lucrative opportunity for managed print services, printer leasing, and office printer maintenance businesses.

The vast amounts of information that can be collected coupled alone provide a range of opportunities to cater to the growing demand for self-service worldwide. Today’s IT managers and office administrators will quickly gravitate to online platforms to make their orders and address their needs independently at their convenience.

Regarding office print services, providing clients with an online sales platform positions businesses to meet client demands and, as a result, reap the rewards of more satisfied customers. Because a happy office print partner is more likely to stay loyal, provide positive feedback, and recommend their preferred partners to other companies.