A list of the top managed print services software platforms available today has been hard to come by. Effective and especially all-in-one MPS software applications are relatively new or hard to find in the managed print services industry, making finding the best MPS software solution a challenge for many in the industry. Due to the lack of listings of the top MPS software listed together, many discover only the oldest or most established brands, and therefore are left with limited choices, expensive solutions they can’t afford, or worse, MPS software applications that don’t handle everything within a single unified cloud platform. We decided that should change.

So, what should a good Remote Print Management software platform look like?

The Best Remote Printer Management Software

MPS Software SolutionsThe best MPS platforms or printer management software applications should provide efficiencies and capabilities that are combined into a single offering. You will want your MPS software to be able to easily and effectively manage your printer fleet across your company with Data Collection Agent Software or printer DCA that has detailed functionality. You will want a cloud-based Managed Print Services platform that can integrate all of the functions you need to automate order fulfillment, accounting integration, inventory options, pricing rules, multi-vendor management, e-commerce store management and shipping tracking and more.

It should be a stand-alone system giving you everything you need to manage your client print and copy fleets seamlessly for office and remote users for ink and toner replenishment, break-fix services as well as email marketing to keep it all effective for you. So when you are looking to choose a Managed Print Services Software solution for your business, be sure to research the top MPS software applications to uncover which one delivers the most powerful features with the most value and at the best overall cost.

So, what ARE the top MPS Software platforms?

The Top MPS Software Platforms

In our effort to list the top Managed Print Services software solutions, we relied on our decades of channel experience, as well as further detailed research that we conducted to ensure that we had an exhaustive list. Our list covers complete MPS management solutions, managed print services data collection agent applications and those software platforms that are directly or indirectly related to the space. Our goal for producing the list was to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and ensure that you find the MPS solution that fits your needs.

*NOTE: All of the OEM’s generally have their own unique data collection agent and quazi MPS software toolsets (HP UDA, Xerox XPPS, etc) however at the end of the day, as slick as some of these toolsets are, they are somewhat limited to being extremely intelligent for their respective brand only, significantly limiting their ability to cater efficiently to a multi-vendor MPS environment.

Following are the top Managed Print Services software solutions on the market.


logo - PowerMPS All-In-One Managed Print Services Cloud SoftwarePowerMPS is the newest, smarter all-in-one MPS cloud software in the industry. Built specifically for the channel, it handles printer, copier and fax fleets for the office, the enterprise and even remote team and home office user device management. It is the most versatile cloud-based platform and data collection tool designed to manage ANY smart, connected device or product.

PowerMPS Details:

PowerMPS has the ability to manage printing devices from 99% of all manufacturer’s wide range of products: multifunctionals, copiers, printers (laser, ink, thermal, 3D, Ticketing, duplicators, plotters), and many more. And in the rare instance it does not recognize a device model, its patented and built-in AI Device learning and normalization technology (along with its team of engineers) will figure it out within a few days to a few hours! It delivers effortless productivity and lower costs using smarter business process automation by combining their patented Data Collection Agent (DCA) for monitoring printers with industry-specific ecommerce software. PowerMPS is empowering the channel and its players across the spectrum from small independents and resellers, to enterprise dealers, MSP’s, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers!

Utilizing an AIO platform to manage printer fleets, manage inventory, monitor and manage cartridge performance and prevent cartridge waste (the #1 killer in MPS), customers, sales, e-mail marketing, multi-vendor management, and more, PowerMPS delivers the only ALL in ONE platform, that is smarter and a truly integrated solution for the channel.

Distinct Advantages/Differences

20 Year Proven DCA Technology – Their printer MPS DCA technology has been monitoring printers since 2000

Predictive Automated Intelligence – PowerMPS uses custom AI and Predictive Device Learning Technology, to deliver the capability to define a threshold based on remaining days to prevent the printer from stopping due to empty consumables and ensure that the cartridge printing capacity is fully consumed so there is no waste.

Automated Consumable Fulfillment – PowerMPS DCA technology manages the automatic supply of consumables or parts based on monitoring the ‘thing’ to determine usage and consumption patterns. It tracks each consumable end-to-end, measures and reports inefficiencies that have an economic and/or environmental impact so that they can be corrected.

Advanced DCA Of THINGS – Any present or future “thing” can be managed by PowerMPS

Data From ANY Product/Device – PowerMPS is designed under a structure that allows any PowerMPS collector to be used to collect data from any product. The collector does not need to be updated, so, once distributed, it identifies the “thing” to monitor and works with the server to adapt to the profile of that thing.

PowerMPS supports both OEM and remanufactured cartridges.

ECI Software

ECI softwareECI offers a group of software technologies that together produce an MPS software solution. The ECI platform is not an all-in-one application, but rather requires you to purchase one of their DCA’s (FM Audit, Print Audit or Print Fleet) to track pages and toner levels, then you will also need their E-Automate (ERP) application in order to pull data from the DCA and turn page counters into billing format. Finally, you will also need the RedFalcon (E-commerce) application, which is another separate software platform to have a storefront that can communicate in some fashion with the ERP system (E-Automate).

The ECI solution or addon solutions each cost money separately, enabling you to build a somewhat complete solution to manage your MPS business.

ECI Software Details:

FMAudit® and PrintFleet® software provide critical printing data from most major manufacturers in one place.

Their subscription-based, scalable, cloud-based service model connects with your ERP.

You can setup alerts and establish reporting for devices capture data and perform diagnostics.

ECI helps you to synchronize information with your ERP, automate some supply fulfillment, reduce error-prone manual processes and customize service and supply notifications.

MPS Monitor

MPS MonitoringMPS Monitor is an Italy-based MPS cloud solution recently making a presence in the United States. They were developed as a joint venture between:
MPS Monitor, Code Architects and Oberon Service and may be the only other SaaS provider that is a DCA and allows the ability to integrate other software services (such as other ERP systems).

MPS Monitor Details:

The key capabilities that MPS Monitor provides to the dealer are:

– Remote monitoring of network printers of any brand and model
– Data collection from the printing devices
– Automated meter reading
– Detection of consumables levels
– Alert management and reporting of low consumables
– Automated management of supply processes for toner and consumables
– Management of cost-per-page and Toner-based contracts
– Automatic provision of contract dashboards, closing balances, timetables, reports
– Data integration via API with external systems, like ERPs CRMs, service and ticketing systems, and external Databases

The Future of MPS Software

The MPS software and Managed Print Services DCA software industry has been consolidating for some time. The larger brands have been acquiring the newer, smaller players, limiting the options available and driving the costs for industry platforms. PowerMPS has bucked the system by utilizing patented 20-year data collection agent technology and combined it with all of the other automation solutions needed to be effective and efficient as a managed print services business. But they did it at a cost that changes everything and with features not offered until now.