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The Team

The founding executive team at PowerMPS came together with unique industry expertise with one focus in mind, to develop and launch the most comprehensive, integrated, all-in-one managed print services platform ever created. Their combined experience and industry knowledge have enabled their vision to come to fruition with a best-in-class MPS software application that is also positioned for managed device solutions of the future.

Alex Cribby

Alex Cribby


Alex brings over 20 years of industry & channel experience, owning and operating in the Imaging Supplies, Services, Distribution space before moving into full-time consulting, working with a number of enterprise Managed Service Provider’s and VAR’s developing and building MPS divisions and programs of their own. Prior to that Alex was with Mediagrif Interactive Technologies, a publicly-traded global e-commerce company, where he held various executive-level leadership roles over the course of 6+ years with the organization.

At PowerMPS, Alex’s major responsibilities as CEO include driving the strategic vision and growth of the platform, and helping lead the company’s operational resources, with respect to achieving the company’s goals for consistent growth.

Antonio Sanchez  Navarro

Antonio Sanchez Navarro


Antonio brings a wealth of technical expertise and over 30 experience in software development, specifically with DCA technology and Intelligence to the PowerMPS team. Antonio spent 12 years working for HP in the late 80’s through 2000, with different international responsibilities within the HP Financial Services Division before setting out as a pioneer in MPS. Antonio is one of the founders of Nubeprint (based in Madrid), and along with his Team of engineers, was awarded several patents, including the first DCA in the printing industry in 2001 (which was 5 years before the next DCA was ever launched). Since then, Antonio has had 6 other patents in MPS.

At PowerMPS, Antonio’s major responsibilities as President include overseeing product development of the DCA by the engineering team, development and implementation of DCA system improvements and innovations, as well as expanding the reach and growth of PowerMPS in Europe.

Bill Vargas

Bill Vargas


Bill brings wide-ranging technical expertise and over 30 years of experience to the PowerMPS team. From 2003‐Present, Bill has been the CTO and Founder of Power E-Commerce. Bill also has significant experience in heading teams specialized in both front‐end and back‐end engineering.

At PowerMPS, Bill’s major responsibilities as CTO include overseeing product development by the engineering team, as well as managing ongoing system improvements and repairs.

Gary Katz

Gary Katz


Gary brings over 30 years of expertise and operational experience to the PowerMPS team. As COO as well as various executive-level operational roles for a variety of e-commerce technology companies, Gary brings significant experience specializing in Sales, Service, Technical, and Customer Support surrounding the foundation of e-commerce technology platforms.

At PowerMPS, Gary’s major responsibilities as COO include leading the company’s operational resources effectively to effectively execute the company vision, with respect to the company’s goals for consistent growth.

Robert Caruso

Robert Caruso

VP Marketing

Robert has over 30 years of marketing and technology experience to the PowerMPS team. He has multiple patents on internet technology and has launched and grown several online brands, including a SaaS in the marketing space. From 2015‐Present, Robert has been the CEO and Partner of Engage Digital.

At PowerMPS, Robert leads the marketing team, overseeing all aspects of online digital marketing components, as well as offline marketing functions, including partner marketing integration, trade shows, and events.

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