Spikes in remote and hybrid workforces have forced many business offices to go primarily digital. But, while the digital transformation came with potential savings on rent and real estate, it added on widespread software-as-a-service (SAAS) monthly expenses.

And, with inflation keeping a steady grip on the economy, costs for the electronics and services businesses need to continue to rise and remain high. It’s hardly a surprise to see companies scrambling for new ways to cut their costs.

With so much digital dependency, many businesses eyeball their printers as one of the first services to get the axe. But that’s not as good an idea as it may seem.

Most employees still consider printers an essential part of how they conduct their jobs. Well over half of office workers use printed documents as their primary way to make notes. Employees who do not leverage time away from the screen to view printed documentation often suffer from long-term eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

Companies can save money on printing without completely cutting off access. Here are a few ways businesses can leverage the true value of managed printer services to reduce expenses while realizing real benefits.

Ditch the Ghost Fees and Hidden Expenses

Beyond the equipment and supply costs, most businesses have little idea how much their printers are really costing them. But office printer costs are far more than the price to replace toner or paper. Beyond the expenses of the materials, there is also the time and energy employees put into print management – all of which could be avoided with a managed print services partner.

The real, trackable costs of paper, for instance, don’t take into account the number of sheets wasted due to reprinting. They also don’t note how often what might have been a perfectly good print was caught in a paper jam.

How much paper, toner, and ink could have been saved if employees printed internal documents in draft mode or greyscale? More importantly, how much money could have been retained if the printer was calibrated correctly?

For office printers, the right settings can mean the difference between employee benefits and budget black holes. Fortunately, managed print services providers can help any business evaluate their printing volumes and standard use to recommend the right equipment and calibrate accordingly.

But these recommendations and procedures don’t just save money when it comes to wasted supplies. They also help reduce the time employees spend fighting with printers, waiting in printer queues, or attempting to get their printed documents to look a specific way.

The right machines will help reduce delays in print production, maximize efficiency, and provide the best printing capacity for the organization. So, staff can spend less time messing with printer settings, paper jams, or waiting around, and more time focused on getting their work done.

Stop Spending too Much on IT Time and Energy

Employees print a lot because it is a necessary function in every office. But, when printers are managed in-house, that also means every time there is a printing issue, staff members contact the IT department to get it fixed.

Paper jams, scanning problems, printer driver installation, communications issues – they all end up in the Help Desk queue. In fact, fifty percent or more of help desk calls and tickets are printer related. And that number can skyrocket as printers become old, outdated, and have more trouble interacting with more updated software and equipment.

With so many printing inquiries hitting the help desk, the efficiency of workplace printers directly affects the time IT employees have available to spend on more pressing issues. Their capacity to assist in implementing broader IT strategies, improvements, and business development tasks is significantly constrained if they are busy resolving minor printing issues for other employees.

Even worse, IT employees that feel overburdened addressing help desk tickets and their other tasks may not stick around. And while big tech businesses are making headlines with mass IT layoffs, the truth is that most businesses are having a hard time finding and keeping staff members – even in IT.

Recent job numbers show there are currently 1.7 positions open for every person looking for work. Over four million people quit their jobs in June of 2022, often for other opportunities. And, when surveyed, Gen Z and Millennial respondents said the intensity of their positions and the growing demands placed on them in the workplace is pushing them to start looking elsewhere.

Managed print services partners can help reduce the time and effort the IT department is spending addressing minor and even major printing issues. These office printing experts typically take over the management of print-related problems including providing support, addressing errors, fielding maintenance and service work, and even helping schedule supply orders. So, IT departments can be more productive and focus on things that bring the company greater benefit.

Gain the Ability to Plan Ahead

Every business needs to plan and estimate expenses. Budget planning gives the company a sense of direction, concrete goals, and a plan for profits. But office printing is often one aspect of any business that never seems to fit correctly into a specific financial plan.

Fortunately, managed print services can help their business partners meet their budget goals. These services eliminate the surprise of equipment, maintenance, parts, and service costs by packaging everything up into one neat monthly expense.

And when it comes to supplies, printer services have solutions that help their partners analyze paper, ink, and toner use. From there it is possible to develop predictive ordering standards that fit into a standard monthly cost.

But it’s not just about looking ahead, managed print services partners can also help c help your business plan and avoid mistakes. That’s possible through analysis of usual trends in your printers and predictive ordering for these supplies.

Any business concerned with building realistic printing budgets will find managed print services the perfect partnership for accountability and predictable returns.

Bottom Line

Printing remains a crucial part of business operations. But it also brings a hefty amount of hidden expenses. Thankfully, managed printer services can help any office craft a printing solution that meets employee needs while reducing the time, energy, and expense of in-house operations.

Office printer services go well beyond the standard equipment and supply costs. Rather, they bring a wealth of hidden advantages that help organizations, no matter how digital, reach success.