The PowerMPS Difference

Our Printer DCA Is Different



How Is PowerMPS Different?

Printers have shown themselves to be a powerful testbed for IoT development. Multibrand, multi-vendor consumables, regulations, a wide range of installations (home, office, security, finance, medical, etc.), require a high degree of maintenance, access for non-advanced users, etc. PowerMPS has developed a fully integrated MPS software solution to uniquely address the needs of the channel today and the broader requirements of the future.

Things We Don’t Do

Unlike other MPS solution providers, what sets us apart includes things that we just won’t do. Here are a few crucial items that make us different.

We do not share information with anyone, including the manufacturer of your device

We do not collect other network device information, computers, usage, and geolocation of the devices.

We do not create security or privacy vulnerabilities through our technology.

We do not take control of your device.

Intelligent Data Collection for Managed Print

An easy way to distingüish if there is any intelligence behind a Managed Print Services tool is to ask it to trigger alerts for consumables based on the remaining days (not remaining %). Some tools say “we show the remaining days”. With the power of Ai and our Predictive Device Learning Technology, only PowerMPS gives the user the capability to define a threshold based on remaining days.

Why is this important? Shipping at the right time is NOT the same as shipping at a given %. There are 2 goals when shipping toner to a user:

  1. prevent the printer from stopping due to empty consumables.
  2. ensure that the cartridge printing capacity is fully consumed so there is no waste.

You can only achieve this when you ship at the right moment: not too late (or the printer will stop and you’ll have a user satisfaction issue) nor too early (or the toner cartridge is installed early and there’ll be waste, or the cartridge gets lost and the user won’t find it when the time comes to install).

The PowerMPS technology ensures the reduction of waste and just-in-time ordering and fulfillment to lower your customers’ overall costs, improve their satisfaction and improve device operations.

Reducing The Impact

PowerMPS supports both OEM and remanufactured cartridges. Businesses, consumers, and the print market are more and more sensitive to the environmental impact that print cartridges can have on the world around them and remanufactured cartridges can reduce the impact of the printing activity by 65-85% compared to using only OEM cartridges.

PowerMPS actively works to deliver solutions that reduce the impact.

OEM and Remanufactured print cartridges

Printer DCA Technology Differences


20 Year Proven DCA Technology

Our printer DCA technology has been monitoring printers since 2000

Removed Print Monitoring Barriers

We have created a monitoring ecosystem in order to remove any barriers to monitoring printers. As we have done for printers, we know that in monitoring “things” we will find the need to adapt to certain environments or user groups. In this way, the system will be completed to eliminate barriers that may arise with certain clients in the monitoring of “things”. Currently, the PowerMPS data collector ecosystem consists of a cloud data collector agent for installation on Windows, Linux, or macOS, an agent embedded in a plug-and-play device, an app for Android and iOS mobile devices, an app for Chromebooks, and an app for smart TVs.

Automated Consumable Fulfillment

PowerMPS DCA technology manages the automatic supply of consumables or parts based on monitoring the ‘thing’ to determine usage and consumption patterns. It tracks each consumable end-to-end, measures and reports inefficiencies that have an economic and/or environmental impact so that they can be corrected.

Predictive Automated Intelligence

PowerMPS contains predictive modules to anticipate consumption patterns and anticipate needs.

Advanced DCA Of THINGS

Any present or future “thing” can be managed by PowerMPS: the collectors identify the “things” that can be monitored from the lists that the server transmits to them and which are updated remotely. The services that PowerMPS allows to provide are defined by the service provider. The customer is not required to make any changes to their data collector.

Multiple Communication Protocols

Any PowerMPS data collector is designed for the use of multiple communication protocols in order to adapt to those used by the “things” to be monitored.

Data From ANY Product/Device

PowerMPS is designed under a structure that allows any PowerMPS collector to be used to collect data from any product. The collector does not need to be updated, so, once distributed, it identifies the “thing” to monitor and works with the server to adapt to the profile of that thing.

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