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PowerMPS Partner Program

Supplies Wholesalers Discounted Pricing, Innovative Technology and Increased Revenue

Exclusive Discounts

When you join the PowerMPS Software platform through Supplies Wholesalers, you get exclusive discounts on our products.

Business Automation

With exclusive access to the PowerMPS managed print services cloud software, you get innovation and opportunity!

Innovative Solutions

Smarter All-In-One MPS Cloud Software

As part of our on-going effort to continue adding value to our customers and enhance our Dealers value proposition, we are very excited to announce the Supplies Wholesalers affiliate partnership with PowerMPS.

State-of-the-Art DCA

Order Processing Automation

Integrated E-Commerce Platform

Mobile App DCA

And MUCH More!

PowerMPS is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed for the consumables channel as an All-in-One software solution for today’s world of distributing, selling, and managing products.

PowerMPS delivers a robust e-commerce solution combined with automation intelligence, a patented data collection agent fully integrated to automate sales order & purchase order management and processing, break-fix service, maintenance ticket management, and a multi-vendor data feed with a complete product management system.

Supplies Wholesalers specializes in providing imaging dealers, copier dealers, and managed print providers with a huge selection of brand name imaging products, nationwide distribution, powerful growth services, and the experienced support today’s dealer needs to compete and win.


What’s In It For YOU?

Supplies Wholesalers Discount

Exclusive access to discounted pricing on Supplies Wholesalers Products only available to PowerMPS users.

PowerMPS SaaS License Discount

Access to exclusive PowerMPS SaaS License Discount Price via our Affiliate Partnership.

Digital Transformation

E-Commerce Solution with ALL of Supplies Wholesalers Inventory, pricing rules, pricing level, and custom pricing visible to your end-user clients.

All-in-One Automation

Connects with Supplies Wholesalers to automate Sales and Purchase Orders, plus integration with QuickBooks and SAP BusinessONE.

Easy To Use DCA

Our patented DCA gives you another tool to offer your end-user clients to view their device fleet, and automate supply fulfillment with a virtual subscription option.

Service Manager Revenue

Now you’ll have a Service Manager to offer your end-user clients Printer Service, Repair, Maintenance, and Technical Support, without having to add overhead!

Seeing Is Believing

Supplies Wholesalers partnership with PowerMPS will deliver a collective effort to ensure that we bring the most robust product offering and technology solution advantage to your business!

Seeing Is Believing! Complete the form and a team member will reach out to you to schedule your live demo walk-through of PowerMPS!

Supplies Wholesalers Partner Opportunity