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Managed Print Services - Partnership Arlington and PowerMPS


PMPS Gateway Program BlackPowerMPS introduces its latest improvements to its entry-level option of the PowerMPS platform.

Starting as low as $299.

The latest version delivers an effective entry point for dealers looking to begin their transformation to modern technology. PowerMPS is designed to help grow your business, retain customers, and automate essential but time-consuming business processes.

New Features

PowerMPS has partnered with Arlington to give you the NEWEST innovations in the industry. Here’s how it works;

Customer Captures Your PowerMPS QR Code with their Phone

They Download the "Printer App" & Enter Your Code

The App Automatically Finds Their Printer(s)

It Monitors the Ink Levels in Realtime

Offers them Replacement Ink at the Right Time

Automates the Order and Shipping Through PowerMPS

Included In One Platform

Smart innovation that delivers!

Powerful E-Commerce Solution and Customer Portal

Direct Supplier Integration with Arlington

Automated Order Management

Device Supply & Service Monitoring Technology (DCA)

And MUCH More!

Digital Transformation

E-Commerce Solution with ALL of Arlington’s Inventory, pricing rules, pricing level, and custom pricing visible to your end-user clients.

All-in-One Automation

Connects with Arlington to automate Sales and Purchase Orders, plus integration with QuickBooks and SAP BusinessONE.

Easy To Use DCA

Our patented DCA gives you another tool to offer your end-user clients to view their device fleet, and automate supply fulfillment with a virtual subscription option.

New Innovation Details

NEW QR Code-to-Mobile App Install from PowerMPS

PowerMPS has added NEW CAPABILITIES for even home or small business printers, that not even the printer manufacturers, big box websites or Amazon has. We have combined the power of monitoring with a mobile app and the ability to connect it all to an eCommerce portal with order automation.

All with the click of a QR Code sticker you add to your ink boxes!

New QR Code APP Install Program By PowerMPS

PLUS the PowerMPS Solution

PMPS White Logo

Seeing Is Believing

Arlington’s partnership with PowerMPS will deliver a collective effort to ensure that we bring the most robust product offering and technology solution advantage to your business!

Seeing Is Believing! Complete the form and a team member will reach out to you to schedule your live demo walk-through of PowerMPS!

Arlington Partner Opportunity

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