Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase profits without affecting the quality of products and services. Unfortunately, office printing is often one of the last pieces to be evaluated in these processes. Yet, it is one of the most important aspects of any business, directly affecting the flow of communication and overall business performance.

One of the simplest ways a business can reduce operating costs is by partnering with an office printing service provider. These companies leverage their in-depth knowledge of office printing, printer hardware, and printer servicing to help improve efficiencies for their business partners. Here are three significant ways businesses can benefit from office print services.

Businesses are Fighting Inflation

In today’s markets, inflation is rampant. And businesses are currently taking some of the most significant hits when it comes to the cost of labor and materials. Yet, companies of all sizes are often blamed for the rising prices as they attempt to keep up with the costs of their operations. The result is a battle on two fronts, managing customer opinion while trying to maintain a level of profit that supports the company.

Office printing is one of the many items that, though essential, contributes to the ongoing expenses of the business. And, just as with other aspects of operations, printing equipment, services, parts, and supplies are affected by ongoing microchip shortages, interrupted production, and increased demand. The result is spiking costs that make their way up the supply chain. But increasing efficiencies and streamlining printing processes can lower the impact office printing has on the business’s bottom line.

Improving Print Efficiencies

With their deep understanding of the office printing environment, printing service partners can work with their clients to provide a complete picture of the weaknesses within any office printing system. Some issues printing professionals often include:

  • An imbalance in printer use. Often, some printers are overused while others sit idle. Office print partners help configure the office print setup to fit the use trends found within each of their client’s offices.
  • Improperly configured printers. Machines not set up correctly often use too much ink and toner or have a more significant number of paper faults. Both situations can increase supply usage while wasting employee time. Print service partners configure machines to match the business’s needs and help optimize printer settings for optimal output – saving time and supplies.
  • Increased energy consumption. Many offices end up buying too-large printers or too many machines for their office. Either situation quickly creates a draw that can easily raise energy bills for the office. Print service partners evaluate each office’s needs to determine the correct number and size of machines to help increase energy efficiency and improve general operations.

But operational enhancements are not the only way print service providers can help their office clients battle inflation.

Office Print Services Cut Costs

One of the best ways to address inflation’s impact on a company’s bottom line is to cut operating costs in as many aspects of a business as possible. Fortunately, there are several ways office print service partners can help lower the costs associated with office printing, including:

  • Reduce or eliminate capital expenditure for office printers. Office-grade printers are not cheap. Even the lowest-level models can run several thousand dollars. However, many office print partners have ways to reduce or eliminate these expensive pieces of equipment from a business’s bottom line.

For companies who prefer to own their equipment, it is essential to understand individual office printing trends and requirements. Managed print services and other office printer businesses can help evaluate these needs to make recommendations for the least expensive, energy-efficient option rather than older, energy-consuming, and ink-guzzling hardware.

Another option is to lease the equipment rather than perform an outright purchase. Leasing offers several benefits, such as reducing ownership to a monthly fee rather than a hefty initial price tag. Additionally, you can draw up an agreement with your office print partner depending on the size and needs of your organization. Finally, it is possible to include the cost of a printer placement as part of the managed print services contract, further reducing operating costs. why you should lease a printer

  • Lower ongoing printing costs. Printer hardware is the first step in an office’s ongoing printing needs. Proper maintenance and service are required to keep that hardware adequately configured and running at peak efficiency.

Partnering with an office printer services business can help offset some costs. In addition, many printer leases and managed print services contracts include a maintenance and service plan to help cover these necessities and reduce unexpected parts and labor expenses.

  • Reduce printing supply costs. Many businesses rely on printing partners to handle equipment but turn elsewhere to source ink, toner, and printing paper. But many office print partners can manage more than hardware and maintenance.

The most advanced businesses in the office print industry can fully monitor supply usage and help their clients regulate their paper, ink, and toner usage. In addition, appropriate monitoring can give insights into how to configure printing equipment better to reduce waste and maximize the use of consumables.

While inflation continues to drive up costs and irritate consumers, there are ways for businesses to battle rising prices and benefit their companies. With the ability to streamline internal operations and reduce ongoing hardware and supply expenditure, partnering with an office print services company provides several options to help savvy businesses battle inflation.