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MPS Software – Security Features


Securing your new PowerMPS e-commerce store is something we take very seriously! Our managed print services platform was designed to give you a full-featured e-commerce storefront that is not only powerful but extremely secure.  You can set your mind at ease that your new online store will be protected from hackers and your customer information with be safe.

Check out the many online security features that are automatically included in your MPS e-commerce system with PowerMPS.


MPS Ecommerce Security Capabilities:

SSL Encryption

Secure eCommerce Hosting

Automated Backups

Attack Mitigation


Fraud Score

Our built-in “Fraud Score” system uses a number of algorithms from the order details to predict potential fraudulent orders, so you are protected from scam purchases.


Restrict Access by IP

Use the IP restriction feature to grant or deny access to your online store by a specified IP addresses or IP ranges.

Attack Mitigation

We mitigate different types of attacks to your eCommerce store, including DDoS. Using comprehensive protection technology, we protect your store against all kinds of attacks.

Automated Backups

Your PowerMPS online store database is backed up at least once per day depending on your service level, ensuring that no matter what happens your information is secure.

Forced Login Option

The forced login option requires customers to be approved and logged in before viewing or purchasing within your store.

Secure eCommerce Hosting

With an uptime of more than 99.9%, your MPS eCommerce store is sure to be ready to take orders safely and securely.

Key Data Tokenization

A token is an encryption key that holds the encrypted location of sensitive data. Your Power MPS store deploys key data encryption throughout.


Bank Grade SSL

Your managed print services eCommerce store will be protected with 256 bit SSL for full site SSL encryption to ensure you and your customers’ transactions are secure.

Data Collection Agent Security Compliant

DCA compliant with - GDPR, FISA, HIPPA, etc.)

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