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PowerMPS has built a full-featured e-commerce platform within our managed print services software. Our powerful e-commerce solution lets you easily manage your imaging and office supply products or equipment product offering with an easy-to-use administration interface to create, edit and manage unlimited products quickly, without limitations.

Product management is made even easier within PowerMPS with our integrated vendor management & product system, which automatically enables product inventories from various distributor partners via EDI. You can select specific vendor partners to include in your data-feed, or even specify which products from which vendors will be available within your product inventor. Vendor data-feed inventory files are automatically updated within your admin database, providing you access to real-time inventory from your selected vendors, without you having to spend time managing data.

Product Management Capabilities:

Inventory/Product Automation

Unlimited Product Inventory

Pricing Rules Automation

Quantity Discount Rules


True Multiple Vendors

The only true multi-vendor MPS platform. One product can have as many vendors/suppliers as you want. You can even set yourself up as a vendor for products you ship in-house.


Import/Export Products

Easily import or export your product list and inventory details with a few clicks. You have complete control over your product inventory within Power MPS.


Upsell and Cross-Sell

Increase your average sale rate by showing additional or competing products that you want to sell to your customers automatically.


Add Your Own Products

Manually add custom products at any time, or you can use our bulk product import or export. You can add thousands of products to your store at once, or export for any purpose.


Product Variants

Power MPS supports unlimited product options or variations such as size, color, material, and more. We help you make it easy for your customer to find the right solution to purchase.


Multiple Images & Videos

A single image is ok, but you can make it easier for your customer with our multi-image and video-supported format. You can literally add dozens of product images or videos to your products.


Product Inventory Options

Manage unlimited inventory and products, as well as display real-time inventory levels or select to only show in/out of stock, or no status at all.


Purchase Orders

The system is designed for both electronic and email submission of PO’s to vendors. Seamlessly empower your business to use the latest technology to send purchase orders to distributors with one click or even automate the process.


Product Attributes

Power MPS supports unlimited product attributes such as weight, dimensions, size, yield, color, and more.


Special Price Countdown

Create a sense of urgency with daily deals, complete with a countdown timer on your front page. You can set time-limited, daily, and group deal countdowns to drive sales. 


Distributor Integrations

Seamless connectivity and integration between suppliers and the PowerMPS platform. Acquire timely, compliant, and validated product content from over 30 distributors we integrate with.


Pricing Rules

Use pricing rules to keep your selling price up to date with whatever rules your business model requires.


Quantity Discounts

Show quantity discounts for products like “10% off for 2 or more” or “$5.00 off each item of 2 or more” and so on.

Relax! Managing products has never been easier for your MPS business and e-commerce marketing strategy!

Product Management - MPS Software Platform

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