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MPS Software – Contract Manager Features


PowerMPS helps you to efficiently create, automate and manage customer MPS contracts. Our MPS software platform has a built-in contract management system that is designed to allow you to easily manage and automate the fulfillment of consumables for devices that you have under contract with your customers.

Within the Device Manager of the PowerMPS system, you can not only manage devices brought in from the DCA or that have been added manually but each of these devices can be used within a Contract for billing cost per page or fixed amount options, and more. 


Contract Manager Capabilities:

Device Contract Assignments

Contract Type

Contract Fulfillment

Fulfillment Automation

And More


Customer Contracts

Create and manage customer MPS contracts easily.


Contract Billing Groups

Create and manage contract billing groups of devices.


Contract Billing Methods

Manage billing methods for your contracts.


Contract Billing Variables

Create and manage billing variables for groups or devices.


Contract Billing Automation

Automate billing options based on your contract.


Contract Automated Metering

The system automates the metering of devices for you.


Contract Invoicing

Your contracts can automatically invoice your customer.


Auto Fulfillment & More!

MPS Contract Management – Simplified

The PowerMPS contract manager system is specifically designed to help automate managed print service contracts. The new contract manager is completely integrated with the PowerMPS DCA, which can automate the billing and invoicing process of your customer’s contracts, removing the manual process of collecting meters and producing a simple or detailed contract summary or invoice breakdown for your customer. The system sends accurate meter and contract billing automatically, simplifying everything.

The contract manager can invoice a customer based on the users designated contract settings and assigned devices within the contract. After a contract is setup, the assigned automation tools take over from there, while still giving users total control over how and when billing, consumables fulfillment and other automation functions occur. Most importantly, dealers can still do all functions manually when and if needed.

The new PowerMPS contract manager is now fully integrated into their managed print services platform and can be utilized by existing and new customers alike.

MPS Contract Management - Fulfillment

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